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  2. Year 1/2

Year 1/2 - Buttercup, Sunflower & Primrose Classes

In September we invite parents and carers into class to see and hear about the expectations on children's learning for this year.  You can click the link here to download a PDF of the presentation.

Year 2's Letters

Please check the folder below for any of Y2's current letters. To download a copy, click the green button on the right.

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Year 1 is when pupils begin learning the content of the National Curriculum. At the end of Year 1 children will be assessed on their phonic knowledge via the government's statutory Phonics Screening Check.

This assessment is carried out on a 1-to-1 basis, usually with the class teacher.

Parents/carers are informed of the result and what this means with their child's end of year report.


Year 2 is the children's final year in Key Stage 1.

It is also the year of the government's statutory End of Key Stage assessments in reading, writing and mathematics

Any children who didn't pass the Phonics Screening Check at the end of Year 1 will be assessed on this again.




Fantastical Creatures, Fever & Flames



I Will Survive!


Beautiful Briny






Fantastical Creatures, Fever & Flames



 I Will Survive!



 Beautiful Briny



Please check your child's individual Phonics Booklet to see which phonemes (sounds) and spellings they are learning each week.


Physical Education

During the  2021 - 2022 academic year, Y1/2 classes have the following PE Days:

Primrose Class: Wednesdays and Thursdays

Sunflower Class: Wednesdays and Thursdays

Buttercup Class:  Wednesdays and Fridays

Educational Visits & Visitors

Please check below for the proposed educational visits and visitors across this year's learning. 

To reduce the financial burden on families, we invite visitors into school as much as possible. We do include one educational visit that requires a coach and this is highlighted below to allow families to plan.

Details of each trip will be emailed out nearer the time with more detailed information along with requests for payment donation.


Autumn Term – Fantastical Creatures, Fever and Fire

East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service

Each class will receive an individual fire safety talk. Children will then meet firefighters and may have the chance to handle some real firefighting equipment.


The Plague Doctor!

Children meet the Plague Doctor and hear of the wonderful potions and cures offered to victims of the plague in Elizabethan Times.


Spring Term – I Will Survive!


The children get to meet some curious creatures in school and learn how they have adapted to live in their habitats.


The children will visit Drusillas Animal Park to discover all sorts about animals!  In particular they will learn about how animals adapt to enable them to survive in their particular habitats. 


Summer Term – Beautiful Briny


A visit to the beautiful white chalk cliffs and rocky beach of Ovingdean to explore the local environment and investigate crabs, sea anemone and other shore life in their habitat.


Brighton's History 

We will take an historical walk around parts of Brighton, finding out about Martha Gunn.  Part of the day will be spent at the Fishing Museum finding out about the important role fishing had in the development of Brighton as a town.