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  2. Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum

Although we teach the objectives from the National Curriculum and Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum our talented teachers ensure that they are delivered in a stimulating fun way, ensuring that our pupils are prepared for and have an appreciation of life in modern Britain.

Further details of the national curriculum in England: Key Stages 1 and 2 can be found here

Further details of the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum can be found here.

Below is a description of our approach to the teaching and learning of each national curriculum area. Further information on the content of each area can be found in the Year Group pages.


At Coldean, our English curriculum includes the teaching of speaking & listening, reading, writing, spelling and handwriting. From their earliest experience at our school through to the end of Year 6, the children are exposed to a wide variety of first-hand experiences and a broad range of text types to engage, inspire and stimulate their imaginations. We believe that these rich experiences provide children with opportunities to develop their language skills and give them “…stuff to write about!”

These experiences can take a multitude of forms, some of which are; an educational visit or visitor, a Stunning Start (usually in fancy dress!), a problem to solve, drama-based activities e.g. role-play or interviewing a book character or practical activities e.g. cooking to support writing instructions.

As part of our daily timetable, we teach separate English, Phonics, handwriting and spelling sessions. We also plan daily Reading Basket sessions that include guided and individual reading opportunities, reading comprehension and computer-based activities.

Across the school, we endeavour to make links between our English teaching and the wider topic-based curriculum.   For example, writing diary entries as Samuel Pepys during the Great Fire of London or researching and debating current affairs to encourage the use of persuasive language.  

Alongside discrete English teaching, children are given every opportunity throughout the school day to practise and embed their Literacy skills. For instance, writing and delivering a speech for the House Captain nominations or reading Remembrance Day poetry during a whole-school assembly.

The National Curriculum (2014) clearly states that teaching the English language is an essential, if not the most essential role of a Primary school. At Coldean, English teaching is a priority and we recognise that this is essentially cross-curricular and a constant through-out school life and beyond.


At Coldean Primary School, we are proud of our commitment to ensuring that all children develop their number fluency, problem-solving and reasoning skills in mathematics. Through meaningful cross-curricular links, we provide opportunities for children to think creatively and flexibly. From pre-school to year 6, children are enabled to make strong connections in their learning through varied learning opportunities. We are passionate that children develop a deep understanding throughout the maths curriculum and facilitate this through active teaching of the use of wide variety of resources in a language-rich environment.

For more information check out our mathematics pages here.


Science is the study of everything! It helps children make sense of phenomena and events in the world around them. Science links practical experience with ideas and as a result can engage learners at many levels. We aim to inspire, stimulate and excite pupils through activities that are planned to cover the relevant key science skills and knowledge for each year group, with particular importance placed on children working practically so that they can make discoveries for themselves. Science investigations are embedded in our cross-curricular topics and utilise our extensive science resources and staff expertise. Learning is recorded in a variety of ways including the use of drawings, charts, graphs, photographs and in digital formats.

Art & Design

Our Art & Design teaching recognises that it is not always about the finished product but the process the children undertake allowing them to build confidence and understanding. The children experience a visual, tactile and sensory way of learning to express their individual understanding of the world around them. Children will peer and self-assess, along with staff’s verbal feedback the children then take the next steps to success. With a diverse and cultural environment, that is Brighton, the children are exposed to local artists’ work, the Children’s Parade and museums. We are so passionate about art and design that we are working towards the ‘Art Mark’ award.


The curriculum’s "Computing’" strand now has a greater emphasis on computational thinking and creativity than the previously curriculum's "ICT" subject. We provide pupils with a wide range of computing experiences, including learning how to code, which will support them in becoming confident digital practitioners with the ability to be resilient, reason logically and work collaboratively to problem solve. We believe it is of utmost importance to teach pupils to be responsible for their own safety when using the Internet and other technologies. With this in mind, we start each year with an e-safety module. Every class has an interactive whiteboard/screen, a visualiser and digital cameras with video capabilities. Banks of mobile devices allow every pupil to experience different operating systems and use a variety of software and apps to communicate and express themselves. We embrace current technologies that allow our pupils to develop the necessary skills to access an increasingly technological world.

Design & Technology

Design & Technology is the purposeful use of knowledge, skills and physical resources to create products that meet a perceived need. At Coldean we aim to broaden the children’s understanding of the need to seek solutions to problems, equipping them with the skills to tackle those problems as they make decisions about selection of materials, tools and approach to the task in hand. Children will design, make and evaluate products for a wide range of uses and will develop the expertise needed to participate successfully in an increasingly technological world. Design & Technology includes Cooking and Nutrition.


At Coldean we strive to provide our children with high-quality geography education that will inspire them and encourage a curiosity and fascination about the world and its people. Children learn to investigate places & patterns and how to communicate their geographical understanding. Through our creative, engaging curriculum the children learn how to draw and interpret maps and develop the skills of research, investigation, analysis and problem-solving. Children explore different cultures, environments, people and landscapes and we encourage investigation and to question what they have discovered. They learn about their local area and compare their lives to those living in other regions in the United Kingdom and the rest of the world. Resources and teaching strategies reflect and value the diversity of children’s experience and provide them with a comprehensive understanding of people and communities beyond their immediate experience. Through integrating our Eco Schools ethos throughout the curriculum we ensure that our geography teaching also motivates children to recognise the importance of sustainable development for their future.

Our creative curriculum allows us to make creative links between foundation and core subjects.  Children at Coldean are taught to apply the skills they learn in geography to support their investigations and work in other areas of the curriculum. The creative arts will also be used to help enrich learning with links being made to dance, art, design technology and ICT.


History is not only taught discretely but through our creative curriculum. This is particularly evident with its cross curricular links with literacy (writing and guided reading) and mathematics. This allows not only for historical thinking skills to be taught but also reinforces understanding and appreciation of the past through their writing, reading and mathematical reasoning with context-based projects. Teachers have excellent subject knowledge and ensure that lessons are stimulating and engaging, enriched with artefacts, educational visits and visitors.


French is currently taught to pupils from Reception to Year 6 by class teachers. They learn simple words and phrases, often linked to their topic to provide a significant context for their language learning. This provides opportunities for the reinforcement of knowledge, skills and understanding in other curriculum areas. They learn to describe themselves and their families. French is taught through song, games, stories and role-play making the learning as fun and interactive as possible in order to engage and motivate all learners.


Music is an integral part of the school curriculum with participation and enjoyment at its heart. We provide a structured approach to the learning of music encouraging the children to develop their own abilities and talents. All teaching modules include describing, composing and above all performing.To enhance the musical experience, visiting musicians such as Soundmakers, offer the children a chance to experience and play a wide range of instruments.

Physical Education

For more information check out our PE & Sports pages here.

Religious Education 

Central to the teaching and learning of religious education at Coldean is the development of children’s knowledge and understanding of the major world faiths. We provide children with opportunities to investigate and reflect upon the variety of practices and lifestyles of different religions.   Children consider what it means to have a faith and to develop their own spiritual knowledge and understanding. We help our children learn from religions as well as about religions through discussion about the similarities and differences between faiths. 

A key aim of religious education at Coldean is to develop an awareness of spiritual and moral issues and allow children to develop an understanding of what it means to be committed to religious traditions or beliefs. Children are given the opportunity to reflect upon their own experiences and appreciate the cultural differences of life in Britain today. Through our creative curriculum we promote the development of investigative and research skills to enable our children to make reasoned judgements about religious issues. We celebrate the diversity in our school and in the community and promote respect and understanding of other peoples’ views.

We support children’s spiritual and moral development which is also cultivated within our PSHE curriculum. We place great importance on values and learn how these influence our thoughts and actions.

In RE, as in all subject areas, we aim to include these values in our teaching and discussions.  This allows children to focus on their value and learn in a respectful manner which is fundamental to the study of religions and religious practices. We enhance children’s social development by helping them to build a sense of identity in a multicultural society.