Learning together, inspiring each other

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  2. Staff

Meet the Team

Coldean prides itself on its staff team, its commitment to our pupils, to each other and to providing the best possible education for all children regardless of their different starting points.


Mr S McConnachie


Deputy Head

Mr N Watson

Special Educational Needs & Inclusion Manager

Mrs A Grummett

Assistant Head

Y1/Y2 Phase Leader

Mrs D Timmons

Y3/Y4 Phase Leader

Miss C Swayne

Y5/Y6 Phase Leader

Miss C Armstead 

Year Group/ Class

Teacher(s) Support Staff

Mrs H Sutton

Mrs R Propokowicz

Mrs L Randall

Reception - Blossom Class

Mrs K Fuller/Mr M Hornby

Miss E Towndrow

Mrs B Kerr

Miss A Cater

Year 1 - Ruby Class

Mrs V Fadden

Mrs K Scarle
Year 1 - Scarlet Class

Mrs T Grice

Mrs C Swinney

Mrs C Francis
Year 2 - Coral Class

Mrs M Benn

Miss L Theobald

Mrs L Henty


Year 2 - Amber Class

Miss M Benn Mrs A Towner
Year 3/4 - Juniper Class Mr A Wilson Mrs L Durrant
Year 3/4 - Emerald Class

Miss P Gough

Mrs P Styles
Year 3/4 - Jade Class Miss C Swayne Mrs J Fowler
Year 5 - Sapphire Class Mr P Smart Miss M Palmer
Year 5 - Topaz Class Miss E Frame Mrs G Weller
Year 6 - Indigo Class Mr R Bulmer Mrs L Boase
Year 6 - Amethyst Class Miss C Armstead Mrs K Kipling


PPA Teachers

Mr N Watson

Mrs A Grummett

Mrs D Timmons

Ms J Howard

Mr Hornby

Mrs J Cullen


Child Welfare Officer 

Learning Mentors

Mrs S Fears


Miss A O'Rourke

Miss J O'Sullivan

Additional Support Staff

Mrs B Thorns

Mrs A Etherington

Mrs D Campbell

Mr D John

Mrs C Maslin

Ms J Neef

Miss P Phillips

Mrs J Tibbs


Business Manager

Office Manager



Mrs J Smart

Ms D Andrews

Mrs M Ashby

Mr K Verrall