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  2. Ofsted


Coldean Primary continues to be a GOOD school and has "maintained the good quality of education in the school since the last inspection."

Coldean was last inspected in November 2017. The full report is available here.

This school continues to be good.

"Leaders are committed to ensuring that pupils are safe, enjoy school and have the opportunity to maximise their learning."

(Leaders') "work has resulted in an increase in pupils’ progress, particularly for reading and writing. The progress of disadvantaged pupils has strengthened."

"Parents are overwhelmingly supportive of the school and all it does."

"(The headteacher) cares for the well- being of all members of the school community, as well as the pupils. (Parents) fully support (the head) in (his) strong stance on diversity and equality, and feel included in (the) decision-making processes."

"Pupils like school and treat each other with respect. They value each other’s differences and make friends easily."

(Children) "... concentrate well in class and behave well wherever they are in the school."

"The larger-than-average proportion of disadvantaged pupils achieve well, particularly in reading. Pupils who have special educational needs (SEN) and/or disabilities in key stage 2 are making good progress, and teachers provide individual support to accelerate learning for this group of pupils in key stage 1."

"Pupils’ current progress is improving due to leaders’ careful monitoring, and clear understanding of the attainment and progress performance information."

"The key stage 1 leader has continued to develop the teaching of phonics since the last inspection. Teachers are knowledgeable, lessons are active and pupils enjoy the phonic games and readily join in. During the inspection, younger children were excited to be playing a word game outdoors. Leaders have carefully considered the range of books available in school. They have evaluated how books support pupils’ understanding of diversity, equality, enrich their topics and fuel pupils’ writing."

"Pupils use and apply their mathematical skills well in science and topic books where appropriate."

"Leaders closely monitor the quality of teaching, learning and assessment. Teachers have good subject knowledge and involve pupils fully in lessons."

"Parents and pupils are confident that school is a safe place."

"Pupils confidently use a restorative approach to behaviour."

"Pupils’ good progress is also clear to see from work in their English and mathematics books. Teachers’ well-structured curriculum is contributing effectively to pupils’ good progress. Disadvantaged pupils, including the most able disadvantaged, are also making good progress."

"... staff ensure that every pupil, whatever their ability or need, has the same learning entitlement."

"Parents said that the help and support their children have received is ‘second to none’. 

(Parents) "... are delighted with the progress their children are making, and are appreciative of the support that the special educational needs coordinator gives their children. Parents also value the support they receive from the school and are happy to approach the school with any concerns."

"Where pupils experience difficulties with new learning, effective help is given to them on the same day to quickly resolve any misconceptions. A range of other interventions is provided as required. These are carefully monitored and evaluated so that pupils’ learning is maximised. "