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YEAR 3 & 4

As part of their learning  in the Summer Term, the children explored Ancient Egyptian art and craft. They developed their line and pattern skills and then chose one of their images to turn into a press print block. They learnt how papyrus was made and explored ways of making a textured surface to print on as well as thinking about the kinds of colours that would be best to use.

The children were invited to exhibit their work at Coldean Library and got lots of great feedback from the community.


Birds from the Booth Museum

Observational drawings, thinking about how to use line to show texture.

Mixing colours and paints and pastels.

Anglo-Saxon artefacts

Using images of  the artefacts from the Sutton Hoo site, we made observational drawing and thought about how best to show the materials of the objects with different media and line. We made collaged background to explore drawing on different surfaces.

Jade Class


Juniper Class 

Emerald Class