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  2. Our Curriculum


Science is the study of everything! It helps children make sense of phenomena and events in the world around them. Science links practical experience with ideas and as a result can engage learners at many levels.

We aim to inspire, stimulate and excite pupils through activities that are planned to cover the relevant key science skills and knowledge for each year group, with particular importance placed on children working practically so that they can make discoveries for themselves. Science investigations are embedded in our cross-curricular topics and utilise our extensive science resources and staff expertise. Learning is recorded in a variety of ways including the use of drawings, charts, graphs, photographs and in digital formats.

As a school we see science as a vehicle to nurture enquiring minds and the awe and wonder of the natural world we live in. We provide children with the key vocabulary to enable them to formulate investigations and evaluate their findings.

Click here to see a copy of our Science Policy

Science Week

Check out the document below to see what we got up to in Science Week.