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  2. School Day

School Day

Journey to school and drop off

Many children walk, cycle or use their scooter to come to school. We have a large, secure bike shed by the main entrance and a scooter store on the Infant playground. If you do need to travel by car then please park SAFELY and abide by parking regulations - they are there to keep everyone safe.


Entrance to Nursery is to the left of the Front Office, along the side of the building near the flag pole and Junior bike shed. 

Nursery's morning session starts at 09:00am. The day finishes at 3:00pm. Pick up is from the same door. 

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Reception children enter their classroom through their outside environment. This is accessed via the wooden side gate as you enter school from Selham Drive.  The bell rings at 08:50am to start the day.

Pick up is at 3:10pm from within the Reception outside learning environment. This is accessed via the wooden side gate.

Key Stage 1

Infant children in Year 1 and Year 2 are able to come into school when the doors open at 08:40am. This could be via the Infant Entrance or the Junior Entrance (see below).  The bell rings at 08:50am to start the day. 

Pick up is at 3:10pm from the Infant playground.


Key Stage 2

Junior children in Year 3 to Year 6 can use the Infant entrance or access the Junior playground by the green gate by the side of Nursery and go straight to class from 08:40am.

The bell rings at 08:50am to start the day.

Pick up is at 3:15pm.

Year 3 and Year 4: Pick up is from the Infant playground

Year 5 and Year 6: Pick up is from the top of the car park.


Registration is at 09:00am. It is vitally important that children are in school on time so as not to miss the start of their learning.

Morning Sessions

In Key Stages 1 and 2, children will usually be learning reading, writing, phonics/spelling and mathematics throughout the morning sessions.

Morning Break

Children in Key Stages 1 and 2 have a fifteen minute break from 10:30am - 10:45am.

Children in Nursery and Reception have break times which are integrated into their learning activities; at least half of which are experienced in the outdoor environment.


All Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children are entitled to a free school meal.

Reception and Year 1 children eat their lunch from 11:45am and after playtime, return to class at 12:30pm.

Children in Years 2 to 6 have 45 minutes for lunch break at various points between 12:00pm and 13:15pm.

End of the day

Parents/carers of Infant children (Y1 & Y2) are encouraged to wait on the Infant playground for the end of their day at 3:10pm. This allows a chance for staff to speak to parents and develop strong home-school partnerships.

NEW FOR 2019-2020

Year 4 and Year 5 children are dismissed from the Infant entrance at 3:15pm.

Year 3 and Year 6 children are dismissed from the side of the main entrance at 3:15pm. Parents/carers are encouraged to wait at the top of the car park. 

If normal collection arrangements have to be altered e.g. you are delayed or another person is collecting your child, please let us know.  This avoids any confusion or upset.

If you wish to allow your child to walk home independently we must have written confirmation of this.