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 PTFA - Parents, Teachers & Friends Association

Autumn 2019 saw the birth of a brand new Parent Teachers & Friends Association (PTFA) for Coldean Primary school. It was formed by a group of parents and carers who wanted to work in partnership with the school to raise funds, volunteer and to generally support the school.

Members of a PTFA can be anyone who has a child or responsibility for a child at Coldean and we are a welcoming, inclusive group. The number one reason for supporting the PTFA is to benefit the pupils and in doing so you also help the school. There are many other reasons too such as connecting with other parents and helping to make positive changes. Belonging to a PTFA also demonstrates to your child the importance you place on their education.


Last year, parents in Britain raised more than £100m to pay for books, classroom equipment, trips and even the painting of buildings, according to a survey of the work of PTAs. On top of the money raised, parents spent almost 3.7m hours volunteering in schools. This is all good news as there is a wealth of evidence that parents taking an active role in children’s education makes a massive difference to how well they do.


Interested in getting involved? We understand that everyone has busy lives with varying commitments and help can come in many different ways. For parents or carers it could be giving an hour of your time once a week to help out at the school, buying a cupcake from a stall or purchasing tickets for the tombola! As the PTFA grows, we look forward to benefitting the wider community as a whole.


So far the PTFA have:

• sold coffees, teas & mince pies before the school’s Xmas performances (it’s a chilly business waiting in the cold to see our little stars perform!)

• ran a Santa’s grotto for the school’s Xmas fair

• held a tuck shop in the infant’s playground on the last Friday of every month


Active now!

Coldean PTFA have teamed up with Your School Lottery to help with all year round school fundraising, even through school holidays.  Tickets cost only £1 with 40% going to the school, 36% to cash prizes and 24% goes to admin and VAT.  

Your School Lottery is part of the Gatherwell Ltd lottery group which was established in 2013 with the core value of being an ethical lottery provider.  Your School Lottery give 35% more in donations directly to good causes than any other national lottery.  

Follow this link to buy your ticket now!


For more information about the PTFA, including future meetings and events please join the Coldean Primary PTFA Facebook page.

Events are also updated on the Coldean Social Facebook page.


Our committee currently consists of:

Jessica Stedman, Co-Chair
Naomi Hambridge, Co-Chair
Adie Heritage, Co Secretary
Sam Hart, Co Secretary
Zoe Trent, Treasurer


Please support our wonderful school and our children.



Coldean PTFA are proud members of Parentkind, the leading membership organisation for parent bodies across the UK. With Parentkind membership all parents can access a wealth of useful information to help with supporting both the PTA and school in providing the best possible education for your children.