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  3. YEARS 1 & 2

Year One were learning about plants and  growth. We took advantage of our lovely field and outdoor spaces to take a close look at what was growing all around us. Starting with really careful observational drawings, we then made some rubbings of leaves which showed up all the their texture. From this we went on to make a series of prints, using lots of different lines and patterns. Gorgeous artwork!

Year 2 took inspiration from the architecture of the Royal Pavilion to make observational drawings, using line and pattern. They developed these drawings into mono prints and then thought about how contemporary artists had changed the appearance of the Pavilion with light projections. They used their knowledge of colour to then explore different colour schemes for the building. We think George IV would have approved......

Year 2

Year 2 used Brighton and Hove beach as inspiration for their art work. They discovered that an artist called John Constable had visited Brighton a long time ago and made some paintings of Brighton beach. They used this as a starting point to think about what colours the sea, sky and beach really were. Mixing paint and blending oil pastels, they made some backgrounds and then used really old photographs to help them make drawings of how seaside trips were in the past. Beautiful!

Year 1

Year One took a walk in a deep, dark wood and they met......The Gruffalo! How could they draw his terrible tusks,  his terrible claws, his terrible teeth and his terrible jaws?   They looked at some other artists work and discovered that Van Gogh had used lots of different lines in his drawings to show the texture of things. Sometimes he drew with ink and sticks.

They had a go at different pens, pencils, brushes and sticks in their sketchbooks and then made these fabulous drawings of The Gruffalo.

Year 2

In the Spring Term, as part of our learning about Polar regions, we looked at how these frosty landscapes had inspired other artists and the materials and processes they had used. We tried out lots of different papers, paints and pastels in our sketchbooks to see the best way to show this. We learnt how to mix cold tints with paint by adding white. We collaged our landscapes, then made careful observational drawings of some of the animals that live in the Polar regions.

Year 1

Winnie the Witch had flown over our school on the way to pick up some pumpkins. On her way home,  they fell off the back of her broomstick. Some of them got squashed, some of them got pecked at by naughty seagulls, some of them rolled around in the earth, some of them started to develop mysterious dots all over them. Strangely, like the artist Yayoi Kusama's work , we'd been looking at.


Year 2 

As part of our topic on Fever, Flames and Fantastical Creatures we thought about how we could show the texture of dragon skin in clay. We learnt how to roll a slab of clay and explore different ways of showing scales, spikes, wrinkles. We made these test tiles by pinching, rolling and impressing objects and different types of clay into out tiles. 

We then used our new skills to make some dragon eyes. We experimented by pushing in rice and lentils to make the texture of the dragons skin.  We then glazed them and fired them in the kiln again.

Year 2

As part of our topic on Fever, Flames and Fantastical creatures we studied and sketched dragons. We decided to carefully study  'Dragon Eyes'. We looked at various paintings and pictures and used sketching pencils to draw the intricate details we saw. We developed our drawing skills practising using line, tone, pattern and shading. We  then used our drawings to help us later create our wonderful clay dragon eyes!