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  2. Reception

Reception - Blossom & Rose Classes

Teachers: Mrs Fadden, Mr Hornby, Mrs Swinney

Reception's Letters

Please check the folder below for any of YR's current letters. To download a copy, click the green button on the right.

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In Reception, the children work through the teaching of our rigorous, progressive phonics programme (developed with the English Hub).  Pupils are taught the letter names and sounds and how to blend and segment to read simple words and sentences.

Reception children have two Guided Reading sessions a week with the class teacher, in a small group using a fully decodable book. Children take home two fully decodable books per week.

Click the link to see the slides from our September Phonics Workshop for Parents.

Physical Education

During the  2022 - 2023 academic year, Reception children have P.E. lessons on the following days:

  • MONDAYS: Blossom & Rose Classes
  • TUESDAYS: Blossom Class
  • WEDNESDAYS: Rose Class


By the end of the year we expect the children to be able to spell the following words:

I no go the to into
was my they are her all
she he me we be you

Educational Visits & Visitors

Please check below for the proposed educational visits and visitors across this year's learning. 

Letters for each trip will be sent out nearer the time with more detailed information along with requests for payment donation.

Autumn Term - Me, Myself & I and Bears, Bears & More Bears


Spring Term – Picture Perfect

The school nurse visits Reception to talk to the children about how to care for their teeth. 

Michael from the Booth Museum visits to share the museum's collection of fossils and dinosaur bones.


Summer Term – Down on the Farm and Stings, Wings and Wriggly Things

Michael from Booth Museum returns to share the museum's collection of insects (in resin) from around the world.

Washbrooks Farm

Children will have chance to meet and learn about a variety of little and large animals; from their smallest guinea pig to the big friendly giants, the shire horses. They will take a tractor ride and see the magnificent views of the South Downs and get a closer look at the animals grazing in the fields.  Children will take a stroll along Brook Walk – a chance to spot wildlife in its natural habitat.

There are outdoor and indoor adventure play areas to make a trip even more memorable.