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Word of the Week

How many sentences can you write that include this week's word?

In which piece of writing will you use the word this week?

Here are some of our favourite sentences using past "Words of the Week"...

  • My sister was jubilant when Brighton beat Newcastle 3 - 0.
  • The cloud-shaped cows were jubilant, they were ready to eat lots of grass.
  • The more I sucked my lollipop, the more it dwindled. (Isolde - Y3)
  • I watched as the snow dwindled away. (Mason - Y4)
  • My sweet stash began to dwindle because I had midnight snacks.  (Indie-Rae - Y3)
  • The snails food dwindled. They were going to starve! (Evie-Mai - Y4)
  • Archie's savings dwindled as he spent his money on games.  (Ava-Belle - Y4)
  • Yesterday the weather was nice and warm but today the weather has dwindled.  (Djoumana - Y3)
  • The lion devoured its prey. I devoured my dinner. (Mollie - Y4) 
  • He devoured everything on his plate. (Amelie - Y4)
  • On my birthday I devoured a whole pizza. Then I devoured a slice of cake! (Eva - Y3) 
  • I'm fixated on getting a pet hedgehog but my parents said not until we buy a house.
  • I was astonished when my class won the Times Tables Rockstars competition.
  • The raging raccoon was eating his grapes as the spitting spider spat at him with her mighty mouth.
  • Some games on my tablet are super immersive.
  • Mr Wilson's desk is cluttered.

This week's word is ...