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  2. Our Curriculum
  4. Phonics


Our phonics programme has been developed over the years, with support from the English Hub, to ensure that it fulfils the DfE criteria that:

  • the school takes an approach that is rigorous, systematic and is used with fidelity;
  • all resources exactly match the Grapheme Phoneme Correspondence (GPC) progression of our chosen systematic synthetic phonics (SSP) approach;
  • strong results for all pupils, including the most disadvantaged are achieved.

Children follow our rigorous, progressive phonics programme in a systematic way in line with our Learning and Teaching Policy. 

In Nursery, a love of books is nurtured and developed in a range of ways including sharing high quality texts during group story times and providing exciting opportunities for the children to access and explore books within the environment; both independently and alongside their peers and key workers. Alongside a text-rich environment the children are taught Phase 1 phonics.

In Reception, the teaching of phonics is continued as the children work through Phases 2, 3 and 4. Phonics teaching, guided reading using fully decodable texts, whole class story sessions, quiet reading times and opportunities for the children to explore a wide variety of good quality texts within the environment all contribute to the understanding that the groups of letters on a page make up words and that these words carry meaning. 

In Key Stage 1 word reading is taught through daily phonic/spelling and Guided Reading sessions using fully decodable texts, through until at least the point where children can read almost all words fluently.

In Key Stage 2 the teaching of phonics and use of fully decodable texts is continued for those children who still require this approach.


To view our Reading Policy please click the image to visit our Policies page.