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Eco Schools

Coldean is an Eco School achieving its Green Flag in November 2013 and was re-accredited in January 2019.

Coldean's Eco Code was created by our Good Life Reps to help everyone follow the values of a Green Flag school.

This achievement highlights our extensive efforts to promote sustainable living - a way of thinking about how we organise our lives, work and education system so that we don’t destroy our most precious resource – our planet.

As a sustainable school we: 

  • care for oneself - our health and well-being
  • care for each other - across cultures, distances and generations
  • care for the environment - near and far

In Summer 2016, our 'Good Life' reps used the Big Lemon bus to visit Green Flag schools around the city and find out about their Eco-Schools work.

Coldean was one of the stops on the BHee Eco Mystery Tour and our reps were wonderful ambassadors for the school's eco work. Click the image to link to the video.