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  2. SEN-D Provision

Special Educational Needs & Disability Provision

"Disabled pupils and those who have special educational needs make at least good progress because teachers and teaching assistants break learning down into small, achievable steps. They give pupils clear explanations and make effective use of resources to make learning practical and interesting."

[Ofsted, 2013]

Our Special Educational Needs Coordinator is Mrs Alexis Grummett. She can be contacted via the school office.

We pride ourselves on the inclusive learning environment that we provide at our school.

Training is tailored to support the staff in developing their expertise in meeting the needs of both individuals and groups of children within our setting, ensuring that children are supported effectively through quality first teaching.

Click our SEN Local Offer document on the right to find out more about how we meet the needs of all learners, including those with special educational needs.

Click on our Special Educational Needs, Disability and Inclusion Policy for information of how we plan for and ensure outstanding provision forchildren with special educational needs, disabilities and/ or emotional needs

Click on our SEN Information Report for this year's specific information of

how we ensure our special needs pupils make good/outstanding progress.

Click on our Accessibility Plan for information on how we ensure that we can

meet the needs of all learners, staff, parents/carers and visitors to our school.

Click on our Accessibility Objectives to see how we are

improving accessibility for all, throughout the school.