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  2. Mathematics


"Pupils from early years to Year 6 enjoy lessons, want to answer questions and are keen to do well. 

Teachers teach with energy and enthusiasm, using high-quality questioning to encourage pupils' mathematical reasoning. They are ably supported by teaching assistants who skilfully identify pupils' misconceptions during lessons and provide immediate intervention and support."

[Ofsted 2017]

The Early Years Foundation Stage is the statutory framework we teach to all children in our Pre-school, Nursery and Reception classes.

We currently teach the Primary National Curriculum for mathematics for children in Years 1 to 6. Children are taught in their class by their teacher. Some children may work with other teachers or teaching assistants on specialised programmes to support their learning further.

Mathematics in the Early Years Foundation Stage (Pre-school, Nursery and Reception) utilises both indoor and outdoor areas of learning to provide mathematical experiences. These are supported by focused teaching of appropriate concepts. Children's progress is observed and assessed in an on-going learning journal.

Primary-aged children learn mathematics for at least an hour each day with their class. On-going daily assessments by staff and children against individual MAC targets (mathematics assessment criteria) combined with end of unit and end of term assessments, ensure that children's progress is closely monitored ensuring further support or challenge is appropriate and timely.

We are participating in the Mastery Teacher Research Group, which is funded by National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM). Click here for more details.

Concrete - Pictorial - Abstract

Children are taught to use concrete resources e.g. counters, bead strings, Dienes Base-10, number lines, Numicon, Cuisenaire, to develop and enhance their learning of each mathematical concept. We believe that this concrete (action-based) approach is essential before moving onto pictorial representations (image-based) and finally abstract whereby children record their mathematics using symbols such as =, +, x.  Once learned, children move between these stages with ease. 

Rich, challenging tasks

We provide rich mathematical learning tasks, often involving project-based or problems linked to the current topic.  These real contexts help children to apply their mathematical skills whilst developing their problem-solving and reasoning skills.  We encourage children to select their own resources when solving problems.


Coldean subscribes to My Maths an interactive online teaching and homework website that builds pupil engagement and consolidates maths knowledge. Login details are available from your child's class teacher.

All children from YR to Y6 are provided with Number Facts cards appropriate for their stage. These detail the number facts and skills essential to further their mathematical learning. Children take these home to support their learning and are encouraged to regularly play the suggested games.  

Every Child Counts

Coldean is an "Every Child Counts" school. We have an accredited Numbers Count Teacher who provides outstanding one-to-one teaching for identified children and four accredited Teaching Assistants who deliver the 1st Class@Number and Talk4Number programmes to small groups in both Key Stages.


The Mathematics Coordinators is Mrs Hughes, our KS2 Leader.  She is always happy to discuss anything mathematical!

We endeavour to provide termly workshops for parents to support their understanding of how we teach maths, how children learn maths and ways in which they can support their children outside of school.

Please check the calendar for news of upcoming workshops.

Useful Resources


This useful booklet of ideas and games to support learning of number facts was used at one of the workshops.

Click here to download a copy.